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Season of the Sickness (2023)

A Novel 

Pastor James Elba loses his faith when his daughter is the victim of a tragic murder. He returns to his hometown of Savannah, Georgia, seeking redemption by restoring a derelict antebellum rice plantation, seeped in bloody history. But his renovations stir up more than just long-suppressed memories of a childhood dare, an incantation that summoned…what? 

What really happened in the forest beyond the western fields? When his wife finds a mysterious rag doll, once owned by an enslaved child, she slowly begins a spiral into darkness. Desperate for help, James calls upon a manbo—a vodou priestess—Miss Lolita. Can her sorcery help him retrieve his memories and rescue his wife? Or will the demons from the past claim another victim? 

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Parallel to Hell
(coming soon)

A Novel

Don't you love the suspense? 

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