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Harry J. Vaughn

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Season of
the Sickness

When Pastor James Elba's daughter gets murdered, he's left in a dark place and back in his hometown. But there might be more than pain of loss and missing memories that haunts James and his wife. He seeks an audience with Miss. Lolita, the Mando-Voodoo priestess and the battle for James Elba's soul begins.

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Narrated by David George

"Engrossing psychological Southern Gothic horror with elements of Mando-Voodoo, atmospheric and disturbing to the core."


Spooky Forest
Season of the Sickness

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Abstract Desert
OLD HEADSHOT_edited.jpg

About Harry J. Vaughn

Harry J Vaughn is a lover of 1980’s horror and dark fantasy, who continues to embrace the macabre today, writing supernatural and psychological horror, dark mysteries, fantasy, and thrillers in the form of novels and screenplays. A resident of the Pacific Northwest, he grew up both rock and mountain climbing and has summited Mount Rainier, Mount Baker and Mount Hood. When not writing you can find him sailing on the Puget Sound or skiing on the snow-covered slopes from Washington to Colorado. Also, an avid lover of music, filmmaking and art.


Vaughn looks forward to connecting with readers through his social media links.

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